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Think about it: Most people are not happy with franchises. Would you prefer McDonald’s or a chef-owned restaurant? The key is to think beyond simply name recognition and consider the reputation of the company you are considering to hire.

Your home is more than a commodity: it’s sacred. It’s more than merely a collection of valuables. It includes the items that you have acquired and used to create the experiences and memories of your life. We understand that. It influences how we approach each project. Your valuables will be protected during the course of the work.

January 24, 2011

Window Cleaning

Spring cleaning is on everyone’s mind. It’s time to wash away winters grime and let the sun shine in
to our homes. We have helped many of our neighbors in Stowe, Waterbury, Waitsfield and Moretown clean their windows. we would be happy to assist your family. We use all natural cleaning agents and wash screens. Enjoy your spring !

Few projects we have accomplished




April 25, 2015

Allergies cleaning for health

Allergies the dangers

Allergies occur when our immune system reacts to a foreign substance. It can be caused by pollen, dander, dust and mold. All very common in Vermont. When our immune system senses these substances it provides antibodies but these antibodies are overreacting thinking that these non harmful substances are harmful. The results our immune system reacts causing closing of airways, skin inflammation and irritation of sinuses. How bad does it get well, that varies from person to person. It can be life threatening. Most allergies though can be managed by number of treatments. But nothing can substitute for a clean home environment.

At Carpenter’s Cleaning Services have worked with many home owners in helping make a safe and clean environment for the whole family. It involves more then just vacuuming and wiping. It involves taking air samples and even at times scrubbing the air with a HEPA air exchanger. Just because something looks clean does not mean it is and for allergy suffers it’s what you can’t see that is more likely to be what’s causing the issue.

So don’t just get it to look clean know its clean with air samples

Breath easier today give us a call 802 498 4702

Example of a job where construction took place our client was extremely allergic. So we not only cleaned the house we scrubbed the air we treated fabrics with hypoallergenic cleaners. The results
Our client could move in with no breathing problems. Have peace of mind that your home is in professional hands. Our family serving yours !






February 23, 2015

Proof that even the hardest stains can be removed

Sometimes we get stains on our carpets that we feel can be impossible to remove. But at Carpenter’s Cleaning we have been removing difficult stains all over Stowe, Waterbury, Waitsfield, Vermont.

here are a few examples

Rust in a light carpet from furniture


Rust stain removed


Wine stain


Wine stain removed


These are just a few examples of stains we regularly are able to remove. Do you have a stain on a carpet and feel there is no hope give us a call we maybe able to help 802 498 4702

February 20, 2015

Certified Mold Removal


So you have found mold. Know the questions start (What should we do ? Is it dangerous to my family ? Do I need a professional ? What caused it to occur ? And How much is this going to cost ?)

First how dangerous is mold?

Mold is a common term for fungi’s. Fungi’s come in many types you may have eaten some like mushrooms others like Stachybotrys and Aspergillous that are not safe to eat and even dangerous to breath. Some common health risks associated with mold are suppression of immune system, rashes, headaches, dizziness, nausea, memory loss, vomiting, diarrhea and damage outer lining of blood vessels affecting the vascular system. These are some common symptoms but there are even more severe disease that can occur from mold. Which we will not mention as the intent of this information is not to scare individuals into starting a remediation project, but inform and share information that protects our families health.

What should we do ?

Don’t wait, it will not get better over time. For mold to grow there must be a source of moisture. Also we must consider the extent of mold growth, the kind of mold and the amount of mold spores in the air within the home. Why the whole home ? You might consider it’s only in one place and I can see it. Even if that is true mold spores may have migrated to other parts of the home. They settle on clothing, furniture, toys, carpet etc. Those spores are not safe to breath and can damage lungs particularly children who have not fully developed respitory system. Why not just kill the mold spores with bleach ? One thing bleach does not kill mold it oxidizes it, meaning it takes the mold stain away but not necessary the killing the spores. Also dead mold spores are still dangerous and cause the same health effects as live mold spores. Hence the spores themselves must be removed not just killed. Proper remediation not only kills the mold more importantly removes the spores from the home and verifies with samples that the home is a safe place to occupy.

Do I need a professional

Not neccesarly, If it is a very small amount like on sheet rock under a square foot First protect yourself by wearing a respirator, rubber gloves, and a Tyvek suit. Cover mold with tape so there is no gaps and air tight, do not rub or disturb it in any way to keep it from getting air born.Then cut the square out and dispose of the Sheetrock in air tight plastic bag. Next HEPA vacuum all surfaces in room. After that wipe all surfaces down with a mild detergent. Last HEPA vacuum the whole room and contents again. If their is soft fabrics like curtains, clothes, couches, chairs etc. they will need to be washed or cleaned with hot water extraction. Would still recommend getting air sampled to make sure are truly is clean. Be Careful mold can become air born very easy matter of fact just walking by mold can release those mold spores into the air. Once into the air they can infect the rest of the house making a bad situation into worse. Instead of improving your air quality you could be making it worse. Last always have the air in home tested so you can verify that it is safe for your family. Not sure your up to the task call a professional we would be glad to help.

How much is this going to cost?

The question everyone wants to know and the answer that is hardest to give. Each job is unquie and can have it’s challenges so to give you numbers shooting from the hip is of no use to either of us. The best way is to get a free inspection. We can look at the effected area and give some suggestions and answer any of your questions you may have. Anyone who gives you a price over the phone or from online without seeing it should raise a red flag. If you have any questions or concerns please call us Carpenter’s Cleaning Services is a certified mold removal company. We will provide a free consultation and suggestions. 802 498 4702

February 20, 2015

Flooded Basements as snow melts


The snow is melting and the temperatures are rising. With this warm weather brings signs of spring red wing blackbirds and robins. Spring skiing on the mountain. But with that comes wet and flooded basements from melting snow.

What can we do ?

1) Shovel all snow away from doors and basement windows

2) Look for any standing water near home and unblock and drain ( standing water will seep into the basement through the concrete or cracks in wall and cause damage. )

3) Stop the water from spreading and find the source.

4) Get the area dry quickly anything wet for more then 24 hours makes a chance for mold to grow.

If the job is bigger then you can handle on your own. Feel free to give us a call. We would be happy to help in any way possible even just to answer questions or concerns you may have. Enjoy the warm weather and stay dry.

April 1, 2014

One more job complete Fire Damage / Puff back


Our latest project was a house full of smoke and soot residue. The house was rented and the renter started a fire. The problem, they never opened the flue. Hence smoke filled the house and every object had residue.

So we worked up an estimate submitted it to the insurance company. Once approved we were ready to start work. The work entailed cleaning all walls, ceiling, windows and floors. All the contents had to be cleaned and deodorized. From the ceiling fan, couches, mattresses, area rugs, and clothing.

Smoke gets everywhere and on everything so do we. After a full week we completed the project. Even having a ceiling and wall painted.

One of the advantages of hiring a smaller but competent company like Carpenter’s Cleaning Services is the personal touch and organized project. Other companies you get a salesman who gives you reports and when you want to get something done well, they need to talk to management. We offer one on one conversation not with employee but with the owner. Everyday we give updates and we don’t work for the insurance company like many larger companies. We work for the home owner we have your interests at heart. We guarantee our work and stand behind it.




March 25, 2014

Spring Cleaning is coming !

Spring is Here

Cleaning in the spring is so important it removes all the dust and allergens built up from the long winter in Vermont. Plus there is nothing like a clean space that rejuvenates us and gets us ready for summer.

Spring cleaning Benifits

1. Experience less stress, better health. A cluttered home is very stressful and weighs on the mind. How serious is stress ? Think about this stress contributes to heart disease, digestive problems and depression. But when your space is organized and clean, you can relax!

2. Be creative. While spring cleaning it’s a great time to reorganize and redecorate. Clean the carpets and move the furniture and pictures. not only clean your space but redesign it with a fresh look. Make spring cleaning fun !

3. Save time. How many times last year did you think I want to clean the windows, I want to clean the carpets, tile or area rugs. We are here to help Carpenter’ s Cleaning has been helping Stowe and Waterbury residents save time and energy by providing professional cleaning service that can meet all your needs. Please look at our reviews and recent projects.

4. Add to your homes value. It’s amazing how neat organized and clean spaces can add value
to a home. So clean your space whether it’s steam cleaning carpets, washing windows, removing hard water stains from shower doors, or cleaning tile, it all breathes life and value into your home.

5. Enjoy a sense of accomplishment. Spring cleaning is a big project, but you don’t have to do it alone we would love to help. A clean home is worth all the effort and when done is rewarding for the rest of the year.

Enjoy your spring


March 25, 2014

Frozen Pipes, Water in Basement, Another Winter in Vermont

Winter in Stowe Vermont. We think of skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing in a winter wonderland.
This year has proved to be one to remember and enjoy. But with all this fluffy powder also came below zero temps. The results broken pipes and water flowing in basements. Water can quickly change a nice day on the slopes to one of misery. But if taken care of quickly the damage can be limited and long term effects minimized. How ? By getting it dried as fast as possible, we were able to help our neighbors in Stowe, Waterbury and Waitsfield Vermont this winter get their homes dried quickly and back to normal. We offer 24/7 support no matter what time feel free to call in most cases we can respond in less than an hour. The weather outside may be frightful but inside can be delightful. Enjoy the snow !!





February 18, 2014

Vermont’s Oriental and Area Rug Spa in Morrisville Vermont


Carpenter’s Cleaning Service’s 

 1270 Centerville Road, Hyde Park, VT

 Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning Spa


” In The end you should do the right thing even if it is hard “

               That is a quote my parents often use to say to me when I was a child and it’s a principle I still live by today.  There are those who clean rugs that will say don’t worry about removing rugs we can clean them in your home it’s much easier then rolling them up and sending them out. But is it the right way to clean area or oriental rugs ?  The simple answer is No.  Why?
  •      It’s a waste of  money going over the top of the rug will make it look better, but it’s far from being really clean in fact 90% of allergens     and dust are still in the rug.
  •      Just because a company cleans carpets does not mean they have the knowledge or equipment to clean wool rugs. Often times lack of knowledge leads to damaged rugs color bleeding and shrinkage
  •      Also wool rugs need the right cleaning agents ones that are lower PH and carefully made for wool.
  •   Critical steps are skipped when rugs are cleaned in a home one dusting or dry soil removal without this step the homes air quality is not improved. Second is drying wool rugs are tightly knit and dry slow if not cared for properly can cause dry rot or even worse mold.
  • Rinsing most area or oriental rugs are on wood floors so proper rinsing is not possible and that cause cleaning agents left behind and rapid resoiling.


       So don’t waste your money get it done right and by professionals at Carpenter’s Cleaning Services  Video Coming soon !




December 13, 2013

The Water Just kept Coming in Vermont !

This summer was full of water and we saw our share of it in here in Stowe and Waterbury Vermont. From ground water in basements. To broken pipes with water ruining wood floors, it was busy. But it was also pleasant being able to help our neighbors dry out their homes and belongings.

A condo in Stowe, Vermont pipe broke and filled living room with water. Ceiling fell and couch was full of water we installed dehumidifier a and fans removed wood floor. Also brought back area rug from the 1940’s cleaned and disinfected. House dried in less then three days. Plus all belongings saved !

Our approach is to arrive most times less then an hour.  Our goal is to access the needs of the client and help them make a plan to move forward and address any concerns. Then move equipment in to dry out the space that is soiled or filled with water. We document everything moisture levels and pictures. Always there to communicate each day with progress report. Get the professional quality of a large company but the personal attention of a local business. That’s Where we shine at Carpenter’s Cleaning Services don’t take my word but read some of our reviews. Thanks to all who have entrusted there home to us. For those who have never used our service please give us the opportunity to show you why a family business can make all the difference. Your home is personal leave it in the hands of a company that will treat it with the respect it deserves.

A Home that again had a broken pipe flooded two floors then in the basement. Once found we quickly arrived in Warren, Vermont and removed water from carpet and moldy sheet rock. Then we dried structure disinfected and cleaned all areas including rugs. We tested for mold once it came back from the lab as clean then started the putting sheet rock back and painting. Another house made good as new. Again all belongings were saved !

Please in an emergency give us a call we won’t disappoint 802 498 4702

December 10, 2013

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